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Interesting, Humorous and Weird Facts About Music

Where Did They Come Up With That?

New Bands in an effort to identify their persona will sometimes name themselves after a song. The most famous happenstance of this is probably the use of blues artist Muddy Waters (born McKinley Morganfield) song “Rollin’ Stone” recorded in February of 1950. The song has become a classic and Blues standard. In 1962 a new band from England rooted in Rhythm &Blues took the name of the song and became The Rolling Stones. Several years later in 1967 two gentlemen from San Francisco (Jann Wenner and Ralph J. Gleason) started a magazine devoted to music and pop culture and named it Rolling Stone also after the Muddy Waters song.

On the other side of the equation of “where did they come up with that name?” There is Death Cab For Cutie, a band formed in Bellingham, Washington in 1997. The name of the band came from the song “Death Cab For Cutie” recorded in 1967 by The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band which was later shortened to The Bonzo Dog Band. The song appeared on their album Gorilla. As an aside, the song was shaped as a parody of Elvis Presley’s 1957 hit “(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear” and it was featured with the band in the 1967 film by The Beatles “Magical Mystery Tour”.

As further proof that it’s  a small world after all (musical pun intended), Culture Club’s song “Crime Time” from the 1984 album Waking Up With The House On Fire references “Death Cab For Cutie” in the lyrics and has a decided flavor of the song it is quoting


“Death cab for cutie, sung it like a beauty
Stepped out forgetting danger has a duty
Lonely night
He wants to squeeze her tight”


If you want to have some fun, go to YouTube and give the songs a listen and then amaze your friends with your Rock & Roll prowess. YouTube Link “Rollin’ Stone”  YouTube Link “Death Cab For Cutie” YouTube Link “(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear” Bonus facts: It is a clip from the 1957 movie Loving You and Elvis’ charter was Deke Rivers. YouTube Link “Crime Time” YouTube Link Trailer for Magical Mystery Tour

Dance Fever

If we could only keep this energy as we got older

Tips For Last Minute Weddings

We accept last minute bookings for all our services. Think about being married during the week and holding a reception on Friday Night . Prices can be a lot lower. Soundtrack Events & Take A Vow offers weekday discounts!

Chief Black Hawk Statue Restoration

I had the pleasure of being the MC for the ceremonial blessing by Native American Joseph Standing Bear and award presentation by the Illinois DNR at Lowden State Park  in Oregon, IL Saturday July 16, 2011 honoring the 100th anniversary of the dedication of the Laredo Taft sculpture of Chief Black Hawk.  His Great, Great, Great, Great Grand Daughter was also in attendance. It will cost a substantial amount of money to refurbish the statue. If you ‘d like to learn more, please click on this link and read about it. Your donations would be appreciated.

Appointments now needed for marriage,civil union license

Appointments now needed to file for a marriage or civil union license in Winnebago County. Don’t forget that Soundtrack Events can also provide an officiant for your upcoming ceremony!

National Jukebox

If your music taste runs towards the historic, check out the newly launched National Jukebox from the Library of Congress. Nothing quite like a Sousa march to shake up your day!

Paper Record Player

Now this is a DIY wedding invitation! It’s a record + record player, and the couple wrote the song it plays. Then again, you wouldn’t expect less from a Grammy award winning producer and a music advocate/DJ by night.

Night of the Living Librarians

We haven’t thought about bringing book carts to events, but we do provide a variety of party props to get your guests on the dance floor. It makes hitting the dance floor irresistible!

Ever wonder why a CD can hold up to 74 minutes of music? (No?) This length was chosen so a single CD can hold the entire recording of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.

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