Common Questions About Soundtrack Events

Q: Why don’t you have a storefront?

A: The nature of our business is mobility, and a storefront is an expense that clients ultimately pay for. We are happy to meet with our clients at any location that is convenient for them. Our equipment is state of the art and can be seen online. We believe the important consideration is not the showroom but the confidence you have in the individual that will lead your event and interact with your family and guests. A showroom may make a great first impression, but the lasting impression of the person behind the microphone is what everyone will remember. Soundtrack Events takes pride in providing a quality event at a fair price. Before you book, talk to us.

Q: Can you explain how you conduct an event?

A: In a word: Professionalism! We start working well before the actual event begins. We subscribe to the 5P method. (Proper Planning Prevents a Poor Performance.) The more we know going in, the more we can contribute to a wonderful event. We will take as much time as necessary to gather the information needed. It is ok if you change your mind a few times along the way. Being on time means being there early. We are there to make sure your guests have a good time and know we need to cater to many different age groups along the way. We know a key to a successful event is a DJ who is responsive to you and your guests. We know that we are not the stars of the event, you and your guests are. We are professionals and present ourselves in that manner at all times.

Q: Do you sub-contract your work out?

A: NO! We greatly frown upon this practice. You selected and paid for Soundtrack Events – that is who will be there.

Q: Do you return your phone calls, texts, or e-mails promptly?

A: Yes, we respond as quickly as possible. When leaving us a message please indicate the best method and time to respond and we will work around your schedule.

Q: How far in advance should I book Soundtrack Events?

A: As with all event planning, the sooner the better. We encourage you to reserve your date early. A year in advance is often required for dates that are more popular. Saturday evenings fill up especially fast. The first person to put down a deposit on an event will get the date guaranteed in writing. Book early to get what you want.

Q: Do you take last minute bookings?

A: Yes if we are not already booked. Obviously the more time for planning the better.

Q: How is Soundtrack Events better than a band?

A: There are many reasons! The music will never stop because we don’t take breaks between sets. We can play a huge variety of music. The music sounds just like it was performed by the original artists – because it is! We can play a wider range of requests, not just those that the band knows or likes to play.

Q: Why are you better than using an iPod™?

A: Do you really want to rent all that equipment and set it up, have a friend (who should be enjoying the day with you) MC and DJ? What about backup or quality of music? Can requests be made easily? Or changes in venue? We think the stress and potential problems outweigh the cost of a high quality DJ service. Either way you will remember the day; the question is how will you remember it?

Q:  How will the DJ/MC dress for my event?

A: From casual to formal. We always dress to match the needs of the event. Our DJ/MC will dress in your choice of casual (slacks and a polo shirt), semi-formal wear (i.e. suit coat and tie or vest and tie) unless requested that the DJ/MC needs to be in formal attire. Our goal is not to detract from the event by overshadowing the participants with flashy or inappropriate clothes. It is YOUR event – the focus should be on YOU!

Q: Will you arrive early to set up for my event?

A: We always arrive early to ensure we are ready before your guests arrive. Once at your event location, we coordinate with photographers, videographers, caterers and event supervisors to make sure your event runs smoothly.

Q: How many times will you announce the name of your company during our event?

A: None. Our presence at your event is sufficient. If someone asks, we will provide them with a card and ask them to call us at a later date. If you choose to recognize us in your event program or announcements, it is appreciated. We will not bring up our name unless requested.

Q: Do you put up a large Soundtrack Event sign?

A: No. We do not even put up a small one. We believe that signage is inappropriate. Our business cards and request forms are all that is visible on our station.

If you have a question and the answer is not here, please call or email us.

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